Breathe Life Into Your Presentations

What do we experience before an important presentation? Most of us get the jitters. We think:

“I’m going to mess up.”

“How can they respect me when I’m sweating this much?”

“I wish I could be anywhere but here right now.”

The pressure to be poised, polished and perfect makes us forget that we’re humans in a room full of humans, and we “freeze up,” stumble over our words, or deliver our information like robots – even if we’re presenting information we truly care about.

We can help. Our General Group Training and Project-Specific Coaching services are designed to free you and your team to be your best.

  • General Group Training

    Our cornerstone two-day workshop, The Human Connection: Bring your Presentations to Life! helps your team loosen up, connect with the audience, and discover the dynamic inner speaker in novices and seasoned presenters alike.

    Generally conducted with groups of 6-12, this in-house workshop is ideal for:

    • Teams or individuals who have to present as part of their job
    • Companies that win work through pitches, shortlist interviews, and other forms of brutal interrogation
    • Experts who want to speak at conferences and industry events

    In this fun, interactive training, we use teaching and discussion, strategic improvisation, belief-building exercises and master-class coaching to help you learn how to:

    • Connect and build trust with your audience
    • Drop nervous habits
    • Prepare and practice your material
    • Speak with personal, positive, passion
    • Make technical material interesting
    • Use graphics wisely

    If you are looking for transformation, this deep-dive training is for you!

  • Project-Specific Coaching

    Have you ever seen Steve Jobs present? If you haven’t, you should check out his skills on YouTube. He was brilliant, but how did he become such a great presenter? Well, he followed the right process!

    When you have to prepare for any presentation – sales, shortlist, conference, political speech, even a wedding toast – we can walk you through that preparation process.

    From developing content to delivering clear, passionate messages effectively as a team, we will help you create a presentation with the kind of chemistry that makes your audience say, “Wow! I like and trust these people. I can’t wait to work with them.”

    Learn to connect with your audience and:

    • Develop audience-focused content
    • Create your story with personal, positive, passion
    • Recognize nervous habits and refocus that energy
    • Show teamwork instead of just talking about it
    • Use your graphics and visuals wisely
    • Practice questions and answers
    • Experience a preparation process that will serve you in the future!

    Tight deadline? Don’t worry. Call us. It’s amazing – schedules just somehow seem to work!

  • How It Works

    We work from the inside out to build comfort and confidence through discussion, interactive exercises and coaching. In most scenarios, two Graceworks Freedom Finders will work with your group to help each individual understand and shed nervous habits, identify and overcome fears, and begin to shift focus from themselves onto their audience.

    Our techniques include teaching and discussion, strategic improvisation, belief-building exercises, Whole Brain® Thinking, master-class coaching, video recording and one-on-one consultations. We provide video review not to harp on your flaws, but to show you what you’re doing well and build on your strengths.

    Our proprietary process, The Graceworks Way®, weaves structured follow-up into all of our programs. We’ll evaluate performance, measure progress, celebrate success and address problem areas while challenging and preparing your staff to rise to the next level.

  • Core Concepts

    While we tailor each workshop to meet our clients’ individual needs, all of our Presentation Training courses touch on these core concepts:

    • Fundamentals
      What is The Human Connection®, and why is it so important? We’ll explore the basic elements of communication and discuss how to connect with others in any situation.
    • You, the Presenter
      You are your own greatest asset when presenting. But, our nerves often sabotage our best efforts. We’ll help you get past your nerves and create a real connection with your audience.
    • The Presenter’s Tasks
      What is your single task in the moment of presentation? What’s the key to making technical information interesting? We’ll share the seven simple tasks that will help you make The Human Connection®.
    • The Preparation Process
      We take those seven tasks and put them in a preparation process that works! Then there’s practicing – and practicing right. How do you practice to be spontaneous? We’ll help you internalize this process and run rehearsals that set you up for success.
    • Body Language
      Did you know that only 7 percent of what you communicate is conveyed verbally? That means 93 percent of communication is intonation and body language. Yes, you’ve gotta use your body when you present, and we’ll help you deliver your message in a big and bold way.
    • Presentation Graphics
      Graphics in your presentation can either trip you up or make you shine. We’ll examine how people take in visuals and which options are best for enhancing your presentation.
    • Presenting as a Team
      How teams work together is a huge differentiator that many teams overlook. We’ll help you be – and act as – a team.
  • Related Workshops

    Over the years, we’ve developed many spin-offs to our cornerstone program at our clients’ requests. Here are a few of our favorites – let us know how we can customize one just for you.

    PowerPoint and Personality: You Can Have Both!
    Never get upstaged by your graphics again. In this workshop, you’ll learn to use compelling visuals that support your story and enhance your audience connection.

    Q&A The Big Bold Way
    These days, a shortlist presentation is often won or lost during Q&A. Your teams need to be prepared to listen, think fast, and share their stories with personal, positive, passion. This Graceworks workshop uses improvisation techniques to help you do just that!

    Empathy & Energy: The Neuroscience of Better BD
    At the heart of effective communication is the conscious use of your body, both in making a human connection and in generating the emotional energy required to reach the hearts and minds of your listeners. We delve into and unpack the neuroscience behind Empathy and Energy in this highly interactive workshop giving you practical and specific tools for building better BD.

    Presenting Your Project: Help Your Client Make the Right Decisions
    You’ve been hired – now what? Learn to create and deliver presentations that build trust and develop lasting positive relationships.

    Be the Expert: Presenting at Industry Events
    How many times have you dozed off during a keynote speech? Don’t be that speaker! With this training, your audience will love you, remember you and call you when they need your expertise.

  • Results

    We understand you have a budget – not just of money, but also of time and talent. Developing your staff’s communication skills is an investment in all three and can have powerful results.

    Your organization will:

    • Improve its hit-rate in shortlist interviews
    • Deliver more effective staff and client presentations
    • Provide memorable speakers at industry events
    • Retain its best talent – and attract even more!

    Your presenters will:

    • Present with passion
    • Prepare efficiently
    • Overcome nervous habits
    • Work as a team