Communicate to Connect

How many times have you gotten frustrated at colleagues, not because of the quality of their work, but because of how they communicated? Maybe he sent a million emails when a five-minute conversation would have worked, or she talked around issues you were itching to address directly. No matter the communication issue, the result is always the same: frustration, wasted time and diminished productivity.

How we communicate can be a serious roadblock or an amazing asset. In our workshop, The Human Connection at Work & Play, you’ll learn to connect with others and convey information with passion and clarity. No more useless meetings, fruitless networking events or frustrating conversations; your team will learn to create clear and genuine communication that truly gets the message across and meets their listeners’ needs. One of the keys to doing just that is Whole Brain® Thinking! You’ll learn the secrets of connecting with people who don’t think like you do – a powerful team building tool!

Our Communication Coaching program is ideal for:

  • Technical professionals whose duties include client communications.
  • Newly formed teams or teams that collaborate across disciplines.
  • Organizations whose productivity and performance suffer due to poor internal communication.
  • How It Works

    Our flexible Communication Coaching is designed for one-on-one sessions, small groups of 8 – 10 people, as well as large group workshops. We facilitate a structured environment where people can learn experientially, discover new insights, and own what they’ve learned. Then, we show you how to apply what you’ve learned to real-world situations.

    You’ll learn how to:

    • Connect with team members and clients.
    • Develop clear and concise messages.
    • Tailor conversations to your listener.
    • Make technical information engaging.
    • Listen actively and develop rapport.
    • Capitalize on your body language.

    Our techniques include teaching and discussion, strategic improvisation, and Whole Brain® Thinking.

    After our initial training, we follow up either in person or via phone or video conference to evaluate your progress, note key differences in your communication style, celebrate success, and target areas for growth.

  • Core Concepts

    There’s endless communication on the subject of communication — but to us, the following core concepts are the most important:

    • Fundamentals
      What makes communication successful or not-so-successful? We’ll explore different types of communication, look for patterns, and learn how communication can build or break connections.
    • You, the Communicator
      What tools do you have at your disposal to convey thoughts and emotions to others? You’ll learn how to overcome what holds you back and make the best use of your core strengths.
    • The Communicator’s Task
      Why is focus more important than time when you’re communicating? You’ll discover how to use your personal style to package messages so they’re optimally received.
    • The Communication Process
      How does a thought get from one person to another? How can you streamline the process? How are data and emotions transferred differently? We explain the process and give practical tips on active listening.
  • Related Workshops

    We could go on about how people communicate, but that wouldn’t be very good communication on our part! Here are a few custom workshops we’ve developed. Call us to discuss what we can do for you.

    Communicating with Your Whole Brain
    This program introduces you to Whole Brain® Thinking and shows you how to leverage different thinking preferences to collaborate, market and negotiate with others.

    The Introvert’s Communication Arsenal
    Everyone’s been talking about the power of introverts. Learn to use your introverted strengths (even if you’re an extrovert) to engage others on a deeper level.

    Empathy & Energy: The Neuroscience of Better BD
    At the heart of effective communication is the conscious use of your body, both in making a human connection and in generating the emotional energy required to reach the hearts and minds of your listeners. We delve into and unpack the neuroscience behind Empathy and Energy in this highly interactive workshop giving you practical and specific tools for building better BD.

    Marketing with Your Whole Brain
    Successful firms are finding new ways to capitalize on their talent, connect with their prospects, and satisfy their clients. To optimize these areas, you and your team should be applying Whole Brain® Thinking to your marketing efforts. You’ll see the benefits of thinking in your own style, start to recognize and appreciate the cognitive diversity in your firm, and learn how to craft a marketing message that speaks directly to your targeted audience’s thinking preferences.

    Leading with Your Whole Brain
    At some point in our lives, we’ve each been shaped by an exceptional leader – a teacher, coach or boss who helped us achieve more than we thought possible. And, great leaders are great communicators. In this highly interactive workshop, you’ll learn to communicate with your “Whole Brain®” and craft whole-brained messages. We’ll explore what you’re saying (and how you’re saying it) to help you better communicate with your team.

  • Results

    Communication affects every aspect of your career and business. In addition to engaging your employees and reducing frustrations, streamlining communications has a real effect on your bottom line. Quicker, cleaner communication increases your productivity and effectiveness. After working with us, expect to see:

    • Shorter, more effective meetings.
    • Dynamic collaboration within and across teams.
    • Increased innovation and creative problem solving.
    • Stronger, warmer client relationships.
    • Fewer conflicts and misunderstandings.