Communicating with Your Whole Brain

We hear it all the time, “Oh, he’s a designer; he’s right brained. Oh, she’s an engineer; she’s left brained.” What if we could learn to acknowledge, accept and appreciate each other’s thinking preferences? What if we were able to use our “whole brains” to effectively guide and inspire our teams? The Whole Brain® Thinking tool helps you identify, understand and leverage your personal thinking styles and those of others, which can have huge implications for your firm’s communication, teamwork, problem solving, creativity and bottom line.

In this Graceworks session, participants will:
● Explore the foundations of Herrmann’s Whole Brain® Thinking model
● Identify their own thinking preferences, recognize other’s thinking preferences, and examine how those preferences affect communication
● Develop tailored, “whole-brained” messages that speak directly to their target audience

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