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Megan Cochran

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Home Office: Portland, OR
  • » Born in Portland, Oregon
  • » Hold a Bachelors of Arts in Political Science and a Master of Arts in Teaching
  • » Have worked in 2 state legislatures, the U.S. Congress and the British Parliament
  • » (Thought about being a children’s folk singer…if only I’d taken guitar instead of piano lessons)
  • » Temp job in high school: house framer (yes we’re talking 2x4’s and nail gun!)
  • » Enjoy outdoor life, a good road trip (it’s about the journey…not just the destination!), and British drama (6-hour Pride and Prejudice anyone?)
  • » Inspired by kindness
Coming alongside experts in their field and witnessing them become empowered to communicate their passion and knowledge, is a fun day at work!
Megan Cochran
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