Then What Happened? How to Create a “Lessons Learned” Story

It’s inevitable. Whether it’s in the “invitation to the shortlist” questions or in the Q&A portion of the interview, a client is bound to ask about “lessons learned.”

Answering that question with a real-life story has so much more power than a generic, blah-blah statement. Clients are looking for ways to get to know your team and to learn how they problem-solve. A story is the perfect way to do that; it’s memorable long after the charts and stats and graphs have faded from memory.

In this interactive workshop, we’ll explore two short story-structure examples. Using one of those structures, you’ll create your own “Lessons Learned” story and, in the process, learn how to help your team craft stories about their own experiences that not only answer the question but let their personalities and smarts shine through.

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