SMPS Central PA Full-Day Presentation & Writing Workshops

Want to raise your shortlist interview hit rate? We’ll start the day with The Human Connection: Bring Your Presentations to Life! Strengthen your presentation skills in this fun, highly interactive Graceworks workshop. Through teaching, discussion, theatre games, and individual coaching opportunities, you will learn to connect with your audience and find confidence as a presenter.

After our mid-day break, we’ll move on to make The Human Connection® on paper! In our lightning-fast business environment, no one has time to read wordy letters, confusing reports or boring website copy. Learn to be clear, concise and correct with a healthy plate of Fat-free Gracewriting.

We’ll end the day with Writing Proposals with Your Whole Brain session. We’ve all read the proposal blah-blah, haven’t we? “This is who we are, and this is what we do.” It’s self-centered, and it’s boring, and it’s just plain blah-blah! Ditch the dinosaur language and learn to use Whole Brain® Thinking to craft proposals that are more about them and less about you.

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