Fat-Free Gracewriting

Wimpy writing just doesn’t get results! Gracewriting® teaches you to write with power by being clear, concise and correct. We help you write with grace by putting your reader’s needs first.

In today’s lightning-fast business environment, no one has time to read wordy emails, confusing reports or jargon-filled letters. It’s just good business to write succinctly and correctly, creating energized documents that connect with the reader.

This Graceworks workshop involves a lot more than putting pen to paper. We interact. We experience. We compete. What does that have to do with better writing? Everything! Be ready to be big and bold as you experience Gracewriting®

$80.00 Member Ticket
$100.00 Non-Member Ticket
$75.00 Three or more from one firm (SMPS member must purchase tickets)
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