Compelling Cover Letters

An intentional focus on the client’s vision and concerns for their project should be the goal of any proposal cover letter. But, all too often it’s a version of, “This is who we are. This is what we do. This is why we’re great.” It’s the “We-We Show.”

What if we created the “You You Show” instead — a letter that speaks to what the client cares about? In this workshop, we’ll explore the importance of writing with “You Attitude” and then practice with the Help Your Reader Story Structure as a template to craft a cover letter that really speaks to your client!

Participants will:
• Understand what it means to write with grace, using “You Attitude,” positive emphasis, appropriate tone and bias-free language.
• Learn the Help Your Reader Story Structure template.
• Work in a small group to use the template by applying it to a cover letter topic.

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