The Electrifying Interview


An architectural and engineering firm in Alaska wanted to increase their hit rate. They knew they had the expertise for the projects they were pursuing, but they were losing at the interview.


Two trainers spent two days working with a core team, and they also conducted a short session for most of the rest of the firm. All of the two-day participants were big and bold, participating wholeheartedly in the strategic improvisation, teaching, and individual and team presentations. The next step was to put this new process to the test. Fortunately, it wasn’t long before the firm was shortlisted. As the marketing manager said, “It was time to implement the whole Graceworks enchilada!”


The team committed fully to the new process and knocked the presentation out of the park! Don, the electrical engineer, started his presentation with the question, “Have you hugged your electrical panel lately?” The client loved it. A panelist later asked a team member, “What in the world did you guys do to Don?” Getting to know the fun, energized person behind the “electrical engineer persona” was just one of the many factors that contributed to the firm’s win of this and many subsequent projects.