The Introvert’s Advantage


As engineers, many of the principals and rising leaders in this mid-sized engineering firm were more comfortable working with blueprints and figures than interacting with people. Even though they were technically brilliant, they often lost work as a result of their performance in client meetings.


Graceworks worked with key members of the firm in a two-day general Presentation Training workshop at their company’s offices. During this time, we coached them in expressing truths, making a human connection, and using their introversion as an asset.


During our routine follow-up visit, we noticed a remarkable change in the group’s passion and energy. One engineer who had been stiff, unsure of himself and tied to his notes six months earlier was now speaking fluidly off the cuff, working the room and joking with strangers.

Over the course of the next 5 years, the firm called us in for 10 more training sessions, giving us exposure to most of their staff and allowing us to focus our efforts on several large upcoming projects. Over that period, the firm grew vigorously, winning multiple bids and acquiring several smaller firms.

They told us that when they used Graceworks coaching, their hit rate increased significantly.