Presentation Tip: Lessons from the King’s Speech

You Have a Voice

Run – don’t walk – to see The King’s Speech if you haven’t already. I was blown away! I guess a lot of people were since it won the best picture Oscar. I saw the film last Monday. On Tuesday morning I announced that Graceworks was going on a field trip to the movies! (Sweet perk of working here.) Anyway, this true story touched me so. There is nothing more beautiful to me than seeing a person set free.

I was stunned by how many things resonated with our approach to coaching – way back in 1930! Here are a few take-aways from the film that I hope will build your confidence as a public speaker:

Remember to dance! It’s not only fun, but using your body – getting physical – will relax you, free you, make you less nervous and bring wonderful energy to your presentation. Bertie danced, swayed, rolled around and danced some more – it helped him! What about you?

Focus on your story. In Bertie’s first coaching session, his therapist used music as a way to focus Bertie’s mind. It caused him to take the attention off himself (how he sounded) and place it instead on telling his story. Fix your mind on helping your listeners get your message, and your fear will melt away, as Bertie’s did.

You have a voice. Oh yes you do. A glorious, must-be-heard voice. Your voice comes from deep within – from talking straight from your heart. It’s about being personal. It’s about trusting to be big and bold. Its about sharing your gifts with others.

I hope you see this film and it encourages you as it did me. Please zip me an email and let me know what you think.

One more thing – check out these links to the back-story about the making of this film. It will blow you away even more!

CBS 60 Minutes Clip

60 Minutes Overtime

— Carol

Tales from the Field

Tales from the Field

From a Lead Designer:

I walked out of your two-day workshop having learned how to speak without relying on the deity of PowerPoint. I realized I didn’t have anything to fear; I should just talk with my listeners.

The following anecdote shows the impact that workshop continues to have on my speaking confidence. Last fall I made a Programming & Concept Design presentation to the president, administration and board of trustees of a university.

In short, they laughed, they cried, and in the end they applauded enthusiastically. It was amazing to be emotionally present with my audience as we experienced the presentation together. According to the president, a historically difficult trustee was nearly brought to tears and asked that I be video-taped for future fund raising!

And as one could imagine, to have touched the audience so fully, it was in fact a tearful moment for me as well. So, many, many thanks!

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