Presentation Tip: Easy Breezy Presentations

Make it Easy on Yourself

Ready for some big bold news? Great presenting is actually easy!

I’m struck at how hard we make it. I think it’s our loaded expectations that weigh us down. “I have to appear professional and say the right things.” “If I mess up, we’ll lose this job and it’ll be all my fault.” “I have to be polished and smooth.”

They’re all lies. And no one is hiring smooth and slick. Clients want to know the real you – they want heart, commitment and truth.

How to make your next presentation easy?

1. Be yourself. Trying to appear “right” is so hard. And it doesn’t work for your audience – you come off stiff and not believable. Trust yourself, have fun and let them get to know you.

2. Talk from your heart. It’s easier to talk about something you feel strongly about. Whatever your topic, speak from your heart.

3. Have a conversation. Don’t give a “presentation.” Know your main points and share them like you’re at a project meeting or having dinner with friends. Easy conversation captivates an audience.

Great presentations are natural, real and transparent – not the norm in the corporate world.

So easy is better and differentiates you from your competitors; how’s that for a new year’s gift?

— Carol

Tales from the Field

Tales from the Field

Toward the end of last year our firm went after our biggest job ever. After an intense preparation process, which involved multiple “ugly” rehearsals and a late-night “final” rehearsal, our team showed up to the interview location only to find there was nowhere to warm up. It was going to be a 90-minute interview, so our marketing director took us out to a side parking lot and we began a round of Sound & Movement right there!

During the exercise, a side door opened and some guy stuck his head out. He looked so confused. “Oh…uh…I just wanted to see what all the commotion was about.”

We told him we were just warming up! We all had a big laugh, went inside, did our presentation – and nailed it! We were all surprised with the energy and connection we felt through the whole 90 minutes. The result? We landed a multi-million dollar project – our firm’s biggest contract ever.

And we’ll never forget the look on that guy’s face.

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