Presentation Tip: Creating Chemistry

Be Porous

You’re shortlisted and you’re about to present. The client knows you can do the job; that’s why you’re there. Now it’s time to connect and create the chemistry, right?

But is chemistry something you can create? Yes — and no. Chemistry isn’t something you can directly generate, but you can certainly set the conditions for it to thrive. So how do you do that?

It starts with being yourself. There’s only one you. Take off your masks, let down your guard, and be real.

But, there’s more to being unmasked than just letting yourself out, you must let others in as well. We must be porous. Penetrable. Like cheesecloth. Think about it – when do you really connect with others? Isn’t it in that glorious moment when your hearts and minds meet?

Here’s what you can do to set the stage:

1. Open Up: Be willing to share more of yourself. For instance, in a business setting, offer more of who you are at home, with family and friends.

2. Listen: Really listen. Listen without thinking of yourself or what you’re going to say next. Listen with more than your ears. Listen with your eyes and your heart.

3. Receive: Receive from someone else without judging them or what they are saying. Give them and their ideas real consideration.

What’s the result? If you’re porous you’ll cause your listeners to open up as well. And voilà — you’ve just created chemistry!

— Carol

Tales from the Field

Tales from the Field

From an international connection:

Leslie knows sustainability. As a LEED accredited architect and a member of the U.S. Green Building Council faculty, she’s quite comfortable discussing the intricacies of building green — in English that is.

Not long ago she traveled to Japan to speak to over 100 Japanese architects — many of whom did not speak English!

Public speaking is scary enough, but in a foreign country? Through a translator? How would she ever get her message across? She thought about being big and bold and using her body. But would big and bold work within a foreign culture?

She decided to go for it. She let it rip…and it worked! One architect approached her afterwards and speaking through a translator said that as she watched and listened to Leslie, she actually felt like she understood English!

That’s the power of using your body to communicate!

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