Presentation Tip: Your Big, Bold Choice

Do You Dare?

Remember the show “Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader?” I do, and I’m not.

Meet Ivan, a cool 5th grader, who happens to be quite the chess player. Having no clue how to play chess, I asked, “Ivan, are there times in chess when you have to be slow and careful and other times when you have to really go for it?” In a flash, he answered, “Oh yes. Sometimes you have to make aggressive moves; otherwise you get stuck.”

Pearls of wisdom!

As many of you know, at Graceworks, we’ve preached Big and Bold since our founding 17 years ago. I’ll never forget the workshop in Cincinnati when those words popped out of my mouth: “Big Bold Choices create Big Bold Results.®”

No matter how tall, short, old or young we are, we all have boldness within us – and the potential for big results. But, it’s your choice to let it out. Are you stuck today? Do you need to make an aggressive move somewhere? Personally? Professionally? Have you settled for “all right,” instead of great?

Let’s get specific. How does Big and Bold relate to your presentations? Will you dare to:

•  Ditch your routine and try something new?

•  Lose the “we-we” show and focus on your client’s needs right up front?

•  Let your rising stars present while you take the back seat?

•  Create your story BEFORE you create your PowerPoint show?

•  Simplify your visuals – take all that text off your slides?

•  Talk with your audience rather than to your graphics?

•  Trust your teammates by not “adding on” adnauseam in a Q&A session?

•  Go personal and lose the “professional” mask?

•  Have fun during your presentations?

The awesome thing is that when you make that Big Bold Choice, it will reap Big Bold Results! Take the risk – in your presentations, your workplace. Oh, go on – take it home and give it a try. Go from ordinary to extraordinary!

PS Made a Big Bold Choice? Share it with us. We’d love to hear from you!

— Carol

Tales from the Field

Tales from the Field

Here’s a shining example of big bold commitment…

Our company has successfully used Graceworks for presentation coaching for many years. Carol Doscher and her team periodically conduct two-day workshops at our office for a select group of project managers, project engineers and superintendents. When we were invited to submit qualifications for a prominent, large-scale corporate headquarters relocation in Chicago, we knew immediately who to turn to. We engaged Graceworks early on in the process, because we knew we needed to go “big and bold” or – well – go home.

Carol and her team started by getting to know the project and our competitive position through conference calls with project executives. We were the “underdog,” smaller than our competition with less experience on projects of that scale.

Then, Carol and her team came into our offices to work with the project team – more than 12 people – and bring our qualifications to life. Graceworks helped bring out the “heart” of our team, working to define our competitive advantages, identify the client’s hot buttons, and craft our team’s story.

Kick-off meeting, homework, ugly rehearsals, one-on-one sessions, more homework, final rehearsals – we followed the Graceworks process and then some. The chemistry among our team members grew, and it was clear during rehearsals how much each team member wanted the job.

Frankly, the process inspired the entire company, and we banded together to support this effort. Staff members assembled the morning of the presentation for a surprise send-off celebration – complete with sound makers, music and a rally banner.

In the end, we were awarded the project. It increased our company’s reputation as a leading contractor in the City of Chicago and set the stage for future growth. Winning the job was proof of return on our investment in Graceworks, but it was the process itself that benefited our company. Our team, as a company and as individuals, learned to build trust, convey commitment and develop chemistry – the Human Connection that Graceworks instills.

“Big and bold” has become our company’s adopted mantra. We look forward to the next opportunity to work and win with Graceworks.

The Entire Team at Skender Construction

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