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Need to prep your team for a winning shortlist interview? In this podcast, you’ll get a bucket of tips – all thanks to David Lecours, who, along with Josh Miles, produces the Professional Services Marketing Show. I have to say, David is one gifted interviewer asking smart, pertinent, keep-it-on-track questions. Thanks so much – it was really fun talking with you.

Here’s the podcast. I hope you take away lots of helpful nuggets!

Tales from the Field

Tales from the Field

We were on a list of three firms competing for a multi-year, multi-phase construction management job at a very prestigious and historic church. We were the last of three one-hour interviews scheduled on a Tuesday evening, and the interviewers consisted of a large committee of various constituents. Between the size of the group and time of day, we knew that the room’s energy might be low, and we would need to bring an energetic, big and bold “you-you” presentation. We leaned hard on the Graceworks preparation process and training to deliver a compelling presentation.

We knew it went well when, towards the end, I told the committee that we wanted to respect the group’s time and make sure we didn’t miss any relevant points before concluding, and the chair of the committee remarked, “If you’re going to keep talking about us, you can go on all night!” Needless to say, we were awarded the job. In the project kickoff meeting, the same committee chair said that they were expecting a difficult decision process in selecting a construction manager until our interview when it became a “no-brainer.” It’s all about the “you-you” show.

Thank you to the whole Graceworks team!

Bill Cumby, III
President, CEO
W.S. Cumby, Inc.
Springfield, PA

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