Is Presenting Tying You Up?

Slash, Float or Flick — You Pick!

Restriction. Nobody likes it. And, the worst time to experience the choke hold of restriction is when you’re called on to communicate or present important information to an important audience.

Not only is restriction awful for the individual experiencing it but it’s equally uncomfortable for those witnessing it. Yes, how you feel can affect how others feel. Yikes!

But, what if you could shift from restraint to freedom in a matter of seconds? What if you could shatter old confining movement patterns and replace them with new, more expressive ones? And, what if you could elevate your listeners’ engagement every time you open your mouth?

The truth is, we’re all capable of breaking out of our limitations, and it all starts with identifying and breaking old, no-longer-useful movement patterns. Easier said than done, primarily because our patterns are formed to keep us safe, bring us pleasure, or avoid pain. Enter Rudolf Von Laban.

Rudolf Von Laban was a movement theorist and dancer in the early 1900s. He created a system of movement called Laban Movement Analysis that has revolutionized industry, the arts. and the mental health field.

Why is that important to you?

Because Laban’s techniques can help you command your body and connect with your listeners!

It would be one thing to read about Laban’s work, but we thought it would help you more to see it in action. Better yet, jump in and experience it for yourself! Click the video below.

Try Laban’s slash, float and flick! Good things start where your comfort zone ends!



— Joe
Graceworks Cleveland

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Tales from the Field

Tales from the Field

In 1997, I was a marketing coordinator for a wonderful architecture firm. I loved what I did and poured myself into my work. As my career excelled, I found myself at the door of public speaking for my professional association, community board meetings, and shortlist interviews. I was nervous about public speaking and presenting in general. But as luck would have it, I met Carol Doscher of Graceworks. One day, Carol said some things to me (I won’t go into detail here) that rocked my world. I was convinced that taking her presentation workshop would help me, and boy, was I right!

The very practical tips (how to physically prepare, etc.) I learned in the workshop are tools I use and share to this day. Back then, the “technology” I learned in the training became the wind beneath my wings. I flew through job interviews; became the youngest person and first Black woman president of the SMPS New York Chapter; owned my own business; managed a marketing department for a large, legacy construction management firm; and eventually landed in my current role as Business Development Manager for a nation-wide, family-owned professional services firm.

At each stage in my career, I have had the opportunity to present or speak to audiences large and small. In every instance, I was trained, I was prepared, and I was confident (or at least enthusiastic enough to push through any fears and present anyway). These exchanges with audiences have opened me up, and my arms stay ready to embrace and share a human connection. This connection enriches my life — professionally and personally — and I credit a lot of this good fortune to the lessons learned back in those early days with the blessed Graceworks team!

Eternally Grateful,
Elizabeth Geary-Archer
Business Development Manager

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