Don’t Be That Person

It's All About You!

Ever been in a conversation with someone who only talks about themselves? How does that feel? Now, imagine how your selection panel feels when every team only talks about themselves. Could you blame them for making shopping lists in their heads?

And then there are those of us who have kids. We love sharing pictures of our precious little people with the world, right? Speaking for the rest of the world, we can handle a couple pictures of your cute kid — but 14 Instagram posts a day?!? Now, for my designers and builders, aren’t your projects your children too? Don’t you love to show tons of photos of your “babies” to every client?

These are examples of what I call the We-We show.

Now, I hear you thinking, “But, our clients specifically ask for relevant experience.” I know! Here’s the thing — your firm’s reputation and experience might have gotten you in the door, but once the meeting starts, your client is asking, “What’s in it for me?” If you make them wait too long, they will tune you out.

So, how do we escape the dreaded We-We Show? The antidote is the You-You Show! Use the “Help Your Listener Story Structure”!

Here it is:

  • Set-up: Start your story by talking about the listener, their needs, and what about them excites you personally.
  • Wish List / Splinter: Empathize with them by talking about their dream or vision (wish-list item) or what’s making them afraid (splinter).
  • Solution: Offer a specific solution in response to their need — an actionable and practical idea.
  • Benefits: Share the specific benefits of that solution for them; don’t assume they can figure them out.
  • Proof: It’s time to show your relevant experience! Verify all the good stuff you’ve been promising, and focus on what’s relevant to your listeners.
  • You: Wrap up your story by bringing the conversation back to your listener. It’s You-You from start to finish!

So, the next time you’re prepping for a presentation and are tempted to trot out the same ol’ “We-We Show,” remember you don’t want to be that person who only talks about themselves. You-You is win-win!

Be generous. Create the You-You Show!

Tales from the Field

Tales from the Field

We had a key client presentation with top executives to talk about workplace strategy, (very data-heavy) and we were told we would only have 30 minutes! How were we going to get all that information out in such a short amount of time? And, to make preparation even more complicated, it was a joint Tampa and NY office presentation. We knew we were going to need some support with our preparation to help fine-tune our story and practice the delivery.

Graceworks came in and worked with us in person and via video to help us clarify how we could best serve our client. We got our 65 slides down to 20 beautiful, minimal and powerful slides that most clearly supported our messages. Everyone on the team did a great job, came in with the right kind of energy and we nailed it. Being aware of and using specific body language helped our clients visualize our story — I also realized how much my hand movements intuitively helped me remember my key points and activated what I was describing.

Our success was all about preparing well as a team.

Christine Vandover
Principal / Senior Interior Designer

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