A Big, Bold Way to Build Content

If You Build It, the Words Will Come

When you prepare to present, do you write out a script? Do you get hung up on the words? Do your notes become your lifeline or your ball and chain? Let’s talk about a method of preparing that, although it might fly in the face of your current process, might just bring you a lot more comfort and confidence when you present.

Suspend Your Desire to Write. When you write out a script or make lengthy notes, something may happen in your brain that can cause you to latch onto the words, especially if you’re a lover of language. In many situations, being a logophile is a beautiful thing, but it’s something that can get in your way when you present. If you’re trying to retrieve those wonderful words while presenting, you can’t simultaneously stay connected to your listeners. If you lose connection to your audience, they lose connection with you. So instead of writing…

Talk and Build It Out. Stand up and talk your story out, but don’t just say the words; describe it using your body language. Think about how we communicate every day: we tell someone a story or explain something, and we use our hands to help them picture what we’re talking about, right? It’s just like playing charades, but to maximize the benefits of this new content-creating approach, make your gestures big and specific. This process may sound weird, but you’ll be amazed at the results. The story will become crystal clear to you, and when it’s clear to you, it will be clear to your listeners! Yay! So, now you’re ready to…

Create Your Bullets. Yup! It’s time to take out your pencil and paper and jot down a road map bullet list of the points you made when you talked it out. These bullets should be no more than three to five words each, or they can even be pictures or symbols that represent the main ideas. Great! Now that you’ve got your story down, top it all off with a boatload of…

Trust. You are the expert in the room. Trust in what you know, what you can do, and how you can do it. You, your passion and your expertise are the presentation, not your planned-out words.

Bottom line, if your current approach to creating content feels more like it’s locking you up than setting you free, give this new method a try. Talk It. Build It. Bullet It. Amazing.

P.S. If you’re in the Cleveland area, check out Joe Masi’s Human Connection workshop in Brecksville next Tuesday, June 5. Hope to see you there!

Tales from the Field

Tales from the Field

We have an annual internal awards program called the Carson Awards. It’s our Oscars. The team nominated Jason from our Transportation Structures Team in the Innovation category for his “Proposal Effectiveness Approach.”

Jason was able to take what he learned about proposal writing from the Gracewriting workshop and combine it with his in-depth understanding of clients’ needs and our engineering solutions. As a direct result of Jason’s efforts, the new proposal writing methodology, and a revised approach to the way we do business, Morrison Hershfield secured a total of $35,327,185.24 in new project work.

We’re proud of Jason, and we appreciate the positive impact you are still having on our business!

Scott R. Steiding
Vice President
Morrison Hershfield

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