Jen Hebblethwaite - Champion of All Things Grace

Jen Hebblethwaite

Champion of All Things Grace
Director: Atlanta, GA office
  • » Born in Atlanta, Georgia
  • » Trains, coaches, teaches, writes, develops curriculum, builds business, makes human connections, puts out fires and leads our Gracewriting® program. Whew!
  • » Coached clients ranging from national retail companies to municipal police departments
  • » (Thought about opening a children's bookstore)
  • » Taught at the elementary, middle school, high school, undergraduate and graduate levels
  • » Volunteers for the Georgia division of the Midwest Food Bank
  • » Tucked children into bed over 5,000 times
At Graceworks, we speak from a place of passion and focus on the listener, but most importantly,
we laugh!
Jen Hebblethwaite
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