Riding the Wave of Change: The Hi-Tech Human Connection

Do you have a critical client presentation that’s now being done as a video conference? Are your online company meetings less than helpful? Is your shortlist interview still happening with the “small” difference that it’s now a conference call?

How do you make human connections via technology? We’re all adapting to the “new normal” of how to conduct business without being together in person. Teams are scattered, clients use different video-conferencing platforms, and bandwidth is at a premium. Now, more than ever, it’s critical to be intentional about making those human connections. In this hour-long virtual workshop, you’ll:

• Learn how to help your listener stay engaged with you.
• Discover your biggest challenge to make that happen!
• Get practical do’s — and don’ts! — for conference and video calls.
• See and experience demos of how to best use visuals.
• Experience how essential body language is.

Yes, it’s true! Even when you can’t see the people you’re talking with, body language is enormously helpful for them and for you.

It’s all about helping your listener stay focused so they get what they need!

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