Q&A The Big Bold Way

These days, the shortlist is often won or lost during Q&A. Shoot, sometimes the whole presentation is nothing but 45 minutes of Q&A! Your teams need to be prepared to listen, think fast, and share their stories with personal, positive, passion. This Graceworks workshop uses improvisation techniques to help you do just that!

What do you think of when you hear the word “improv”? We tend to see it as something that’s way out of our comfort zone; not something we can do. But the thing is, we do it all the time. No one hands us a script every morning with exactly what we’ll say throughout the day. We live our lives “doing improv.” Since it’s a life skill, why not get better at it? Even better, what if we use it to help us prepare for those tricky Q&A sessions at shortlist interviews?

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