Leading With Your Whole Brain

Are there people in your world that drive you crazy? Would you like to be able to better connect and understand your clients, colleagues, boards – even your family? Then think and communicate with your WHOLE brain! Communicating can be challenging for all of us. Just as we have a dominant eye and hand, we also have a dominant way of thinking which influences how we like to communicate and be communicated with. Different communication styles also have a lot to do with why those other people drive us crazy.

Leaders have special communication needs. In this fun, highly interactive workshop, we’ll explore how you can best communicate as a leader, communicate with your “Whole Brain®,” and craft whole-brained messages. You’ll gain an awareness of how you like to think and communicate and, even more importantly, understand and appreciate how others think and communicate! You’ll find that Whole Brain® Thinking will improve your leadership and communication skills at work, home, and everywhere in-between!


$350.00 SMPS or AIA Member Early Bird (By Oct. 5)
$425.00 Non-Member Early Bird (By Oct. 5)
$425.00 SMPS or AIA Member
$500.00 Non-Member
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