Gracewriting: Words with Power and Grace & Writing Champions: Graceful Editing and Proofreading

Join us for two Graceworks workshops!

Gracewriting: Words with Power and Grace
Gracewriting® teaches you to write with power by being clear, concise and correct. We help you write with grace by putting your reader’s needs first. In today’s lightning-fast business environment, no one has time to read wordy emails, letters or proposals. It’s just good business to write succinctly and correctly, creating energized documents that connect with the reader.

A Gracewriting® workshop involves a lot more than just putting pen to paper. We play games. We compete. We make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches! Each participant takes part in individual and group exercises, as well as theatre games and a little friendly competition throughout the day.

In the Graceworks’ tradition, we help you help your reader by looking at things from the other person’s point of view, emphasizing what the other person wants to know, and respecting the other person’s intelligence. Let’s make a human connection by becoming reader-friendly writers!

Writing Champions: Graceful Editing and Proofreading
We read. We read a lot. We read emails, reports, proposals, journals, books and street signs. Heck, we even read the label on the back of the cereal box. How were all those words written? We spend a lot of time thinking about writers, but we spend very little time thinking about the behind-the-scenes champions of the writing process — editors and proofreaders.

How does proofreading differ from editing? Good question! Good editors are good proofreaders, but they have additional responsibilities, and we need both so our proposals go out the door without errors! In this fun and practical Graceworks workshop, we’ll ask and answer the following questions:

● What are the Six C’s of good editing?
● What are some tips, techniques and tactics for better proofreading?
● What are our current proofreading practices, and how could they be improved?
● How can I “gracefully” edit and proof my colleagues’ work?

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