SMSP MVRC – April 2017 / Helping vs. Selling Storytelling

Clients always ask for relevant experience, don’t they? They need to know you can do the work. How you talk about relevant experience, however, can make the difference between winning and losing a client. We think we need to sell, prove, qualify or differentiate ourselves. Instead, what if we took the approach of helping? Let’s talk about relevant experience, but let’s repackage it. Let’s tell that story from the standpoint of what the client cares about, emphasizing solutions and benefits meaningful to them.

We’ll begin the workshop with identifying the “We-We Show.” You know the spiel, “This is who we are, and this is what we do, and here’s a project we’ve done that’s just like yours.” Question: Whom does the client care about? Yes, they care about themselves. Whom does the client not care about? Yep, they don’t care about you. Yet, teams “we-we-we” all the way home. We’ll start learning how to create the “You-You Show” by differentiating between helping versus selling. Then, we’ll map out The Help the Listener Story Structure. Next, we’ll use scenarios and practice that structure!

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