Empathy & Energy: The Neuroscience of Human Connections

Your ability to connect with others, listen to their needs, deliver critical information and share powerful stories is key to the success of your business. Do you struggle getting buy-in from clients or colleagues? Find it difficult to command the attention of your listeners? Are you losing work you should be winning? In this fun, highly interactive workshop, learn to listen, speak with your authentic voice and make human connections both intellectually and emotionally.

Many professionals prefer to leave emotions out of communication. However, studies show that information presented with emotional energy is significantly more likely to move your listeners into action. It’s all about Empathy & Energy, and your body holds the key to activating both of these foundational principles of effective communication.

So, let’s delve into and unpack the neuroscience behind Empathy and Energy in this hands-on Graceworks workshop. Nothing in your life gets done without your body consciously or unconsciously having a say in the matter. At the heart of effective communication is the conscious use of your body, both in making a human connection and in generating the emotional energy required to reach the hearts and minds of your listeners. We’ll guide you through dynamic games and exercises that’ll move you to powerfully connect with others and to positively affect not only your own emotional energy but your listener’s energy as well.

Participants will walk away from this workshop with practical and specific tools for building strong relationships.

Motion can drive emotion, so let’s get physical!

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