The Essentials of Writing with Grace

Are you struggling with a cover letter? Do you need to communicate complicated information to your staff? Want to get your boss on board with your new project?

As marketers, our writing needs to be organized, persuasive and effective. But most important, our writing should be less about “us” and more about the reader.

We’ll begin our workshop with a chat about “writing with grace” and how you can apply this concept to all your writing. Then, we’ll explore tips and templates for different types of writing to help you quickly organize information, making your writing process easier and faster! We’ll talk about:

  • Effective Emails
  • Better Cover Letters
  • The Informational Pattern
  • The Problem-Solution Persuasive Pattern
  • Reader-Friendly Technical Procedures


Then, we’ll wrap up the workshop with our capstone exercise – the Extreme LEGO™ Game – where we take learning with LEGO™ bricks to a whole new level!

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