Monthly Tips

What's on Your Mind?

Clarity or confusion? When you’re presenting, whatever is occupying your thoughts is what the audience is going to see and hear. Get rid of the inner chatter and self-criticism. Learn to recognize when and how your focus drifts.

Use Your Body

Communication is not just about words. Nope. If you want your listener to really hear you, use some body language, aka animation! A great way to practice this is to act out your story as if you’re playing charades and do it without words. Be playful! Go for it! After you get comfortable with your movements, put the words back in. Yes, you’ll feel silly at first. But, your end product will be amazing.

Edit with Grace

Most authors appreciate a good editor, but how can we edit with grace? First, help people save face. Your objective is to help your author and the reader – not to humiliate or discount people and their work. Second, offer honest, specific and positive feedback. It’s important to let people know what they did well. Third, don’t arbitrarily change things because that’s how you would do it in the document. If the author’s sentences are clear and correct, let them stand as is.